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Wildgood recently completed a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment with Planet FWD to measure the environmental impact of our pints.

all plants. all good.

Wildgood was founded on the principle that simple, plant-based ingredients can do extraordinary things.

Guided by the Mediterranean diet and the natural goodness of extra virgin olive oil, our food philosophy centers around a plant-forward diet featuring simple ingredients that nourish our bodies and replenish the planet.

crafted with the goodness of extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is the real deal, and it just so happens to make a spectacularly creamy dairy-free ice cream.

Extra virgin olive oil is an antioxidant powerhouse thanks to high omega content and phenolic compounds. Together, these bioactive building blocks support immunity by increasing antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity. 

indulge with purpose

We’re proud to bring you a delicious treat crafted for a naturally healthy, happy, and sustainable way of life.

As natural carbon sinks, olive groves sequester CO2 in their leaves and root system. Olive trees are known for their resiliency and can live for hundreds of years with little irrigation, continually capturing carbon for much longer than other crops. 

Wildgood Olive Oil Frozen Dessert Uses less water than traditional ice cream manufactring.